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PRIMARIU - Full digital agency

Leading the way to Digital Acceleration

With a data-driven approach, over 12 years of e-commerce experience, and 200+ national and international projects.

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The process of improving the online consumer experience and integrating new features, provided a true omni-channel experience that resulted in exponential growth in online sales.
Living Tours
A partnership born in 2015 where a tailored solution was developed to meet the needs of the business and which was recognised by the prestigious Lux Magazine UK, as the Best Online Agency in Portugal.
Miss Trend
From social commerce to e-commerce, Digital Transformation has led to over 22,000 sales in less than a year. By automating processes it was possible to increase sales channels through integration with Marketplaces.
A revolutionary idea that took shape with the development of a Hyperlocal Marketplace allied to the demand for the best price. The MVP already counts more than 8000 references and 40 retailers in the drinks area.
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Al Huzaifa
The process of transitioning from Woocommerce to Magento 2, from one of the most prestigious luxury furniture brands in the UAE.
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A leap from the traditional business model to an integrated digital experience.
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Proft Fardas
The transformation of a textile company producing professional clothing into a D2C (Direct-to-consumer) brand selling online.
coming SOON
Mind the Glass
From the restaurant table to the table at home, the perfect integration between the physical and the digital.
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What we do

Adjusted to the needs of the business, not the other way around. For this we use market leading technologies such as Magento, Shopify, Hubspot and Klaviyo among others. When these don't perfectly fit the business needs, we create solutions from scratch.

the ReSULT

Technology stack that are robust, fast, integrated, and tested globally.

Solutions ready to scale according to business needs.

Scalable solutions with low maintenance cost.

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We remove the guesswork from the decision-making process, replacing it with decisions supported by data, intelligence, and experience. With this approach we are able to make logical and rational decisions that generate Return on Investment (ROI).


SMART Goals over Wishful Thinking.

Definition and measurement of KPI's in real time.

Data-driven culture implementation.

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We designed a functional and pleasant experience, free of unnecessary friction, with the right elements in the right places. Above all, it is able to convey the reasons why users should choose your brand over the competition. From pixel perfect, to the most convincing copy.


Consistent experience capable of conveying the value proposition.

Friction reduction.

Convert more with less effort.

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