Inaugurated in 1942, COMUR is one of the biggest names in the national canning sector. Recently, the company opened a new space in Lisbon to exclusively honor and showcase the Portuguese Sardine the strong connection between this popular fish and our country. The "Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardine" revisits the last centenary of History from Portugal and the World, where each can presents a different year.

Updating the ecommerce platform came from the need to optimize and expand the brand's presence both in national and international markets. Likewise, showing the uniqueness and identity of the physical store to the new online store was one of the biggest challenges of the project.

Implementação Magento


Designed for the buyer personas and to correspond to the brand's growth needs, the solution follows a B2C business model, through a platform developed in Magento. In this project, we have formed an alliance with Lisbon Project, which has allowed the concept and design of this partner to be implemented by PRIMARIU in the digital scope.

Among a few integrations, there are transport options and different payment methods. Promotional actions are also possible, in form of gift cards, for instance. This last one is implemented to allow using it not only online, but also offline. Besides, the module that works as a “slot machine” has been custom developed. The website visitors can even time travel if they choose a specific year - or a random one -, as it automatically shows a can and the historical events associated with that date.

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No one is indifferent to the storefront in Rossio, Lisbon. Inside, lots of colors, carousels, music, and a miniature Ferris wheel! And the other good news is this unparalleled vibe can now also be experienced at the online store. An impeccable design, fully personalized, and transposed to the ecommerce platform. In both realities, you will feel the same atmosphere from “O Mundo Fantastico da Sardinha Portuguesa", with an irresistible color palette and a unique identity.

With omnichannel nuances, the platform's scalability adapts to the brand's goals, being able to respond to all its needs.

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