Founded in 1871 in Germany, Continental Tires is one of the top players in the automotive sector, among the 5 largest global suppliers in the industry for brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen.

Considering the profile of constant innovation that is so characteristic of the Continental Group, PRIMARIU was asked to develop an app for internal use only. This project had a high degree of technological complexity, as it would have to comply with criteria that would allow it to be used by different potential markets, given the multinationality of the brand.

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The custom-made solution includes a hierarchical security architecture. Also, the application supports a sharp modular component that uses georeferencing and other technical requirements.

To this end, we have developed a back-office management system that integrates relevant Key Performance Indicators. It was also necessary to apply a structure for importing and exporting information between Continental's many software systems.


Responding to the internal needs reported by Continental Tires, the application soon began to be used by Continental's employees. Because it is a stable and robust solution that meets Continental's initial requirements, the system started to be used as an internal tool.

Initially developed for national territory, it was adapted to other international markets at a later stage.

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