Based in Spain and Portugal, Living Tours offers hundreds of tourist experiences in both countries, an outcome of nearly 20 years of experience. PRIMARIU is their technological partner since 2015.

In a highly competitive market, the will of this renowned tour operator is to continue to settle its distinct position, which requires a permanent monitorization of technological change. Given all the complexity associated with the project, because of the specificities each service has, the overall challenge was to present an effective and differentiating response not only to the needs of Living Tours' customers but to the internal requirements themselves.

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Considering the project's high requirements, we came to the conclusion that there was no solution on the market capable of providing a complete answer. Thus, we developed a customized ecommerce platform from top to bottom.

Through Magento, we develop specific modules tailored to the services of a tour agency. This is a sector characterized by a constant renewal, both in terms of calendar, availability, destination, guide's language, among many other factors.

Its multi-store architecture - a unique feature of Magento - makes it possible to combine different business areas on the same platform, ensuring process automation and ease of management.


Since PRIMARIU was first incorporated as a technological partner, there has been an exponential growth in sales. Also, from that period on, Living Tours has maintained an annual growth, achieved month-by-month.

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