Located in the heart of the Textile Industry in Portugal and in one of the main textile production centers in Europe, Malhapertada specializes in the creation, production, and exportation of garments. The brand's clients include Mango, El Corte Inglés, Inditex Group, or Cortefiel.

Sought by the largest fashion brands and clothing retailers in the world, versatility is one of the key factors of Malhapertada. Thus, its main requirement was for us to design a coherent graphic image that would be capable of showing the full meaning of the brand on several levels.

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To begin with, we have started with the logo design - which nowadays remains the brand's visual identity leading component of recognition. The logo proposal presented two elements highly characteristic of the industry. On the one hand, there is a circular shape, referring to the mesh rolls at the production department. On the other hand, there are the knots of the fiber itself, which together form the mesh, the essential raw material used by Malhapertada. The entire study of the visual image is now supported by its official graphics standards manual.

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With a symbol and typography that stand out for their geometric simplicity, it was possible to demonstrate the individuality of Malhapertada. The result is an elegant and modernist style. To accompany this visual identity, features such as the business card, envelope, letterhead, and folder are part of the suggested stationary. In addition, the chosen communication assets are the email signature, the notepad, the pen, the uniform, as well as the measuring tape.

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