The earliest mentions to Quinta da Boeira date back to 1850. Next to the Port Wine Cellars, the property is distinguished by its colossal historical and natural heritage. This notable attraction preserves a valuable heritage and wants to expand exportations to international markets, such as China, the USA, and Canada. The website developed by PRIMARIU operates as a central piece to accomplish that.

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From Oporto to the world, today, the multilingual website is one of the main points of contact of Quinta da Boeira, presenting a wide selection of traditional products, among other elements.

One of the unique traits of this website is the interactive map, which guides the user through key points between an area of 27 thousand square meters. It includes several buildings, a mansion, and three hectares of gardens.


Following a melodious visual identity, the website is designed to combine the historical legacy and natural surroundings with contemporary art and wine tourism.

In sync with the website launch and closely followed by PRIMARIU, a promotional campaign in Copenhagen, Denmark, was held as part of a series of strategic actions carried out by Quinta da Boeira in premium markets.

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